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It is so hard to start out on something new. The word alone can stir up feelings of hope, new beginnings, excitement, fear of the unknown or failure, confusion on direction and so much more. We can spend so much time at the starting line that we miss the opportunity the start was providing.

I have been standing at that line for quite some time now. Many have encouraged me to share my thoughts, recipes, passion for health and love for family for longer than I would like to admit. I’m one who has a hard time seeing what I have to offer others. I’m just trying to do my best in life and keep my family afloat while I go. What on earth could I have to share with others!? I’m not a writer. How does a blog even work? I am not an expert on anything? I’m JUST me.

I’ve been reading a book called “Start. punch fear in the face. Escape average. Do work that matters” by Jon Acuff. He talks about how at one time we all were Awesome and then somewhere along the way we lost it. Just ask your own kids. Every child truly believes that they are the best at anything and everything they do! They can be anything when they grow up with no limit of possibilities. As we grow up that confidence and awesomeness gets washed away with experiences and failures along the way. But Awesome is still in there somewhere and its our job to rediscover it. Who doesn’t want to be awesome!? I do! So this is the start on my journey back to Awesome. My hope in sharing this journey is to inspire others to claim their own awesomeness. In a world where average has become the normal lets break out and show the world what we can really be.

Awesome can be a little scary, because it separates us from those who choose average. It makes us step out of our comfort zones into territory unknown. It also may put a target on us because those who like average can get uncomfortable with us pushing to our awesome. They may even want to pull us back to being average. I think in the end the quest for awesomeness is worth fighting for. Even if we only achieve just a glimmer of our true potential and share it with others we will all have gained from the journey.

I hope to share with you my experiences with raising a busy family of 4, health tidbits, cooking success’ and failures (because they both happen) and insights on how to get your awesome back. So here we go, it’s time to….



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