God says “Be Awesome”

Today I happened to read a devotional from a book that I haven’t opened in almost a month. I love how God knows when to tell you, hey read this really quick!?!

This is from a book called “Until Today!” by Iyanla Vanzant

As I reflected on these words I couldn’t help but feel that God was speaking straight to me today. Today marks a very important day in my family. This is the anniversary date of my Dads sobriety. On this day 26 years ago the noose that could very well have sent my family tree in a different direction was cut.  Instead of allowing a disease to define the direction of our family we stepped out from among and decided to work towards Gods promises for our family.

This road has not always been a smooth one, and with each step I seem to look back and almost have guilt as to why we have been so “lucky”? So many families don’t get to have the same outcome that we did.

This feeling of “luck” guilt often trickles into my adult life. With every new adventure there is that feeling of aren’t we doing/working enough?! Haven’t we had enough success or “luck”. Why is it that we continue to feel called to do more? We have more in our lives than somedays I feel I can handle. We serve and lead many to health through our Chiropractic office that takes much of our time. But God said “Come ye out from among them”purchase the Gym next door and bring Crossfit to your community! So we did and now serve and lead even more through Chiropractic and our Gym. But God said “Come ye out from among them” get involved in Advocare! So here we are starting up yet another business to serve and lead as many as we can to healthier lives. I sometimes wonder where our purpose will take us, if our purpose will ever slow down and how we will continue to serve all those we feel called to serve!? I am working on excepting that mediocre wasn’t my calling.

I am grateful that God has called my family to “Come ye out from among them” I think that’s his way of saying “Hey you, Be AWESOME!” I hope that all we are doing is showing and teaching others what they too can achieve if they put their trust in God and do what they can to be Exceptional!


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