Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it!

As I start out 2017 I am excited yet fearful. I have decided to start out on a new career path that has fallen in my lap. Mid December, the day before the application deadline, my husband handed me an application (he had already filled out most of it) to be a Birthfit Regional Director!?! I had not heard much about Birthfit let alone considered being a part of it. After talking with him and Emily, my Co-Regional Director, I realized that this was an amazing opportunity for me. My career dream, prior to kids, was to become a nurse midwife. I got the nurse part done just never continued my education because “mom” became my focus. Birthfit felt like an avenue to my OB dream while still maintaining my “mom” focus. What Birthfit has to offer my community and the women in this area is HUGE!

With this comes my fear. With any great opportunity comes the chance to fail, to not live up to expectation, to have to fight some battles, to have to start some ripples in conversation, to put myself out there for others to attack. This is how I feel with change….Its HARD and SCARY. But deep down I know that I want people to hear the information I have to share and It could greatly impact thier lives!

 I have to decide that I want this more than I am afraid of it!! 

So I turned in my application, was asked to do a phone interview and then chosen to be a part of this amazing thing called Birthfit… no not Crossfit, BIRTHFIT!

I now find myself part of a tribe of woman creating a movement called Birthfit. The pillars of this movement are Fitness, Nutrition, Chiropractic and Mindset. All things that I believe in and live daily. Over the next 12 weeks I will be listening to webinars, reading an array of books, studying movement patterns, learning/reviewing pre-natal and postpardom classes and trying to fill my cup of knowledge so that I can pour this out onto others. It is my hope that with this I can educate others in these “Pillar” areas and make a positive impact in their lives. I want women to be empowered before, during and after their pregnancies. I want women to know they don’t have to accept leaky bladders, poor posture, diastasis recti, lonliness and isolation as just a part of motherhood. They also don’t have to expect themselves to just “bounce back” physically, emotionally and mentally after birth! There are safe and effective ways to exercise during and after a pregnancy and more important there are woman out there going through what you are so get together and support one another!

Being a part of something greater than me has already shown me that there is so much to learn, yet BIRTHFIT saw something  in me that I also have to offer! I’m not supposed to know it all but its my job to continue to learn and to have an open mind and to be a resource to others.  I am finding that the more I learn the more I find there is to learn and the more excited I am to learn more! I am so excited to watch BIRTHFIT grow in our community, to see what it becomes and to see the impact it has on others!!!

TODAY I decided  that I want this more than I am afraid of it💗


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