I am a work in progress, wife of a Chiropractor, a mother of 4 (2 boys, 2 girls), Registered Nurse, Level 1 Certified Cross Fit Trainer, Advocare Advisor and the Mason family personal assistant and logistics coordinator.


In the past few years I have found myself on a journey of  bettering myself, physically, mentally and spiritually. In this journey I have deepened my love for my family and discovered a  passion for health and fitness. In the process I feel I have found my purpose of sharing that passion with others. I have a deep rooted love for caring for others which is why I chose Nursing. But  I wanted to do more than take care of the sick. I want to lead people, my family especially,  to healthier lives!


Why share this journey with the world? I feel that in doing so it will continue to help me grow and discover that I can and do make a difference!IMG_3546


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